Foods and Drinks Can Stain Teeth

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Care For Your Dentures By Avoiding These 6 Foods

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Dentures are a miraculous invention. They allow you to smile brightly and enjoy almost all your favorite foods, but they do have some limitations. If you want to take care of your dentures, there are a few foods you need to avoid. Fortunately, you can substitute tasty alternatives for almost all these foods.


Popcorn is bad news for denture-wearers for two reasons: first, those thin little bits of the kernel can get caught between the denture and the gum, causing endless irritation and forcing your to remove your dentures for a quick brushing. Second, unpopped kernels may be hiding among the fluffy white popcorn, waiting for you to chomp down too aggressively and do serious damage. 


Seeds are tough on dentures because they tend to fragment rather than grind into a liquid. Those tiny seed fragments can easily lodge between teeth or work their way underneath the denture lining, creating irritation. Replace sunflower seeds or similar with crackers or whole grain breads.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is just too sticky for denture wearers. A big spoonful of peanut butter can cling to your dentures and encourage you to attack them with your tongue. That loosens the bond between the dentures and your gum and can make it difficult to fit your dentures in the future. Instead of peanut butter, choose hummus as a high-protein snack food.


Steaks can present difficulties for denture wearers because they usually require a lot of chewing to swallow. That repeated mastication can weaken the bonding of dentures to gums, making them less comfortable and more likely to slip. You might be able to handle a steak cut into smaller than normal size, but a better option is to opt for chicken.


Sticky candy like peanut brittle or fruit chews are perilous in dentures because, like steaks, they require heavy chewing and, like peanut butter, they stick to teeth and encourage tongue action. Even worse, all that sugar provides fuel for bacteria that want to attack your remaining teeth. If you must have sweets, opt for baked goods like cookies or cake.

Whole Fruits

Biting into a round, crisp apple might sound appealing, but it's tricky in dentures. Opening your mouth wide to attack an apple or a pear can cause slippage. You can still enjoy all the fresh fruit you want, but you need to slice them up first. That way you can take smaller bites and avoid damage.

Take great care of your dentures on your next trip to the grocery store by making smart choices about what to buy.