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Dentures: The Procedure, Why They Are Ideal & What They Cost

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Trying to eat certain foods with an insufficient amount of teeth can be almost impossible if you are missing a lot of them. You can fix the problem by investing in dentures, and the great thing is that the dentures can be secured to dental implants to keep them in place. Below, learn about the denture procedure, why they are ideal and what you will have to pay for them.

Is the Procedure for Dentures Painful?

The pain involved with getting dentures will depend on what kind you opt for. You should not experience any pain if you get regular dentures. You will be given an x-ray and measurements of your mouth will be taken. Basically, the amount of space between each of your jaws will be measured to make sure the right size of dentures is created. An impression of your teeth will also be taken with dental putty so artificial teeth can be created for the ones that are missing.

If you want dentures that won't move around, you can get overdentures. You must get dental implants for overdentures and can experience some pain. However, you will be given anesthesia to help you cope with pain when the implants are installed. Metal posts will be installed in your jawbones that will be able to be attached to the overdentures.

What Makes Wearing Dentures a Good Idea?

Wearing dentures is ideal because you will be able to eat with them as they are your natural teeth. Although you may notice a slight difference when chewing food, you will get used to it after wearing dentures for a while.

Wearing dentures is also a fast and easy way to improve your smile, speech and face. Missing teeth can cause poor word pronunciation. Wearing dentures can also prevent your face from having the sunken in look that is caused from missing teeth.

What Should Someone Expect to Pay for Dentures?

Expect to pay a minimum of $300 plus for each denture plate (upper or lower). If you want dental implants installed for securing overdentures, you are looking to spend at least $3,500 plus. You may be able to save some money if you are covered by dental insurance, but the amount saved depends on your insurance company. Keep in mind that some denture clinics offer financing for easier payments if you don't want to pay a lot of money upfront. Call a denture clinic to schedule an appointment!