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Tips For Minimizing Pain After Dental Implant Procedures

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A very important part of the preparation process for getting dental implants installed is planning and stocking up on items to relieve any pain that you might experience while you are recovering from the surgery. This pre-planning goes a long way towards relieving any fears or concerns you may have about the dental procedure you need to undergo.

Follow these tips to prepare for any pain you may encounter after your dental implant procedure:

Tip: Buy a Tube of Baby Teething Gel

The gel sold in your local pharmacy that is designed to relieve a baby's teething pain contains a topical anesthetic that is safe for you to use as an adult. After your dental implant procedure, if your gums are sore, then you can apply some teething gel directly on the pain to numb the area.

The teething gel will not last a long time, but it will last long enough for you to get some ice on the pain or take some pain medication.

Tip: Fill Your Pain Medication Prescription Before Your Procedure 

Whether or not you plan to take any prescription pain medications or not post-procedure, make it a point to fill the script anyway. And, make sure that you do it before the day of your surgery, if at all possible. The last place you will want to be if you are in plain is at the pharmacy waiting in line for your prescription to be filled.

Tip: Freeze at Least Three Ice Packs

The pain from dental implant installation surgery can radiate out to your eyes, cheeks, jaws, and even into your neck, depending upon the area of the dental work. The best way to control the radiating soreness is to use ice packs. By having more than one frozen ice pack on hand, you will always have one that is frozen for you to use. It can take a few hours for your ice pack to completely freeze up again well enough to use.

Tip: Communicate Your Fears with Your Dentist

Finally, dental professionals are specially trained to work with patients who have dental phobias or other issues surrounding attending dental appointment and following through with having dental work completed. If you have any fears or concerns about dental care or post-procedure pain, then you should speak with your dentist. They will be happy that you mentioned your concerns and will work with your to alleviate your discomfort with the process.

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