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How To Get A Crown Or Crown Replacement Done Faster And With Less Pain

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One of the worst things about getting crowns done or getting crowns replaced is how long it takes. It can take hours depending on the dentist. Part of the traditional procedure often involves getting an impression which can also make people gag. Fortunately, there are new technologies available that can make crown procedures less of a problem.

Lasers for Crown Replacement

One example of how new technology is eliminating the pain and time sink of crown procedures is lasers. Part of the time sink for crowns when they are implanted the traditional way is giving time for the traditional glue to cement. But newer procedures are allowing for the use of lasers to dry the glue on crowns much faster.

Laser wands heat up the cement, drying the glue and fixing the crown to the area in your mouth in what can be as little as just a few minutes for the whole procedure. The dentist in this approach will often also make use of another piece of technology in conjunction with the laser wand, namely special magnifying glasses. This way, he can see exactly where to apply the laser.

3D Technology for Speed and Ease

The older way of making sure that the crown produced is going to fit in your mouth is through using X-rays and extended bite impressions. Many people are made uncomfortable by the need to put the plastic bit in your mouth for the X-ray to work. The approach is not only uncomfortable for a long time, but it often requires a second visit while you waited for the crown to be produced.

New technology is making it possible to instead scan the tooth or former crown using a computer instead of an X-ray machine using a 3D scanner. A 3D printer can then be used to print out the crown on the same day that you come in. The traditional approach requires using a temporary crown that often comes off easily or is weaker than needed. It's also often necessary to numb the tooth in the traditional approach.

However, using 3D printed solutions means that you can get it all done in one day. The computer 3D can be sent electronically to a nearby 3D fabrication lab while the patient waits. The crowns created in one day are actually the same quality as those made using the older and longer process.

Overall, new technologies can make your crown procedure much less of a pain and over in a considerable shorter amount of time. The key is just to find dentists that have access to the new technologies as well as the skill to use them. 

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