Foods and Drinks Can Stain Teeth

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How To Make Your Own Teeth Whitening Product

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Stained teeth can send then wrong message to people that see your smile. Stained teeth will give people the impression that you don't brush your teeth or that you are unclean. Simple foods such as blueberries and coffee leave a residue on your tooth, which leaves a discoloration on the teeth long as the food is consumed. Whitening your teeth to the original color of white can be done by brushing with simple natural products that have acids to break down the stain and remove it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own teeth whitening product.

1 – Start by taking a couple large strawberries and slice them up into small chunks. Place the chunks into a bowl and then mash them up with a fork until the chunks have turned into a paste.

2 – Take the strawberry paste and then add a full teaspoon of baking soda. Mix the paste and baking soda together until the powder is completely dissolved in.

3 – Take the toothbrush and apply the baking soda and strawberry mix to the bristles. Make sure that the bristles are completely covered and there is an excessive amount that you can use to coat the inside of your mouth with it.

4 – Apply the strawberry mixture over your teeth and begin brushing with the mixture. Make sure that you brush in a circular motion and that you pay close attention to brush in the areas where there are high concentrations of stains on a tooth.

5 – Let the berry mixture sit for five minutes on your teeth to allow the natural acids to begin to break down stains on the teeth. The acids will dissolve anything that is stuck on the tooth and then it can be rinsed away.

6 – Start brushing your teeth with normal toothpaste to remove the excess baking soda mixture off the teeth. Rinse out the inside of the mouth with mouthwash after you complete brushing to clean to finish the job.

Once you finish the job you can repeat the process as often as needed to try and get rid of any remaining stains. For stains that won't come off the teeth, you should consult with a professional cosmetic dentist that can use an industrial grade product to remove the stains. A cosmetic dentist specializes in the physical appearance of the teeth and can work to improve the look of your smile. Consult a dentist like Longo Frank Dr for more information,