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Are You Thinking Of Having Teeth Extracted? Here's Why Temporary Dentures Are Vital To Your Recovery

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At first, it's natural to balk at an extra fee for a set of temporary dentures to use while you wait for your permanent set to be made. After all, you don't want the entire process to cost any more than it has to. However, there are actually a few very important reasons to reconsider using a temporary prosthetic, not only for the sake of your recovery from this surgery, but also to keep from incurring further oral health problems down the line.

Immediate Dentures Can Help Protect The Wound

Recovering from any form of dental surgery involves a great deal of vigilance. You must be careful not to agitate the surgical site with your tongue or your other teeth, as this can slow recovery and increase the risk of infection. You also must keep the area as clean as possible after meals in order to protect it from bacteria.

Temporary dentures can help by covering up the wound while it heals, stopping you from subconsciously probing at it with your tongue and keeping the majority of food particles away. You still need to practice good oral hygiene, but your risk for complications after surgery will be decreased.

You May Be Able To Retain More Bone

When adults lose their teeth, whether through an accident or through surgical extraction, the body begins to slowly reabsorb bone from the jaw where the missing tooth used to be. Over time, this results in the jawbone becoming brittle, and it contributes to the migration of adjacent teeth, which may require future surgical intervention to correct.

Using a temporary denture while you wait for your permanent prosthetic has been shown to reduce the amount of bone lost after surgery. It also serves the valuable purpose of keeping your teeth aligned so that they don't drift into the gap left by the extraction. This reduces your risk of needing future oral surgery.

Keeping Your Bite Means Keeping Your Diet

Permanent dentures take weeks to create, which means that without temporary ones, you have to subsist on soft foods until your permanent ones can be installed. This can not only be unpleasant in terms of your food preferences, but can also cause you to lose weight and not receive appropriate nutrition if your options are limited.

In contrast, having temporary dentures allows you to eat almost everything you normally would while you wait for your permanent dentures, making it easier to get the nutrition you need for a smooth recovery. 

Temporary dentures can seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but the benefits they offer make them worth considering. If you plan on getting dentures any time soon, talk to your dentist about whether a temporary set might help ease your recovery and reduce the risk of complications.