Foods and Drinks Can Stain Teeth

Modern Dentistry: Repairing The Faces Of War

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Warfare today produces many horrific injuries, including significant cases of facial disfiguration. Since battlefield medicine now ensures as many as 90 percent of injured soldiers survive their wounds, thousands are left with lifetime scars and disablement. For those with severe facial wounds, only major maxillofacial surgery provides any hope for a normal life and appearance. Thanks to leading-edge medical and dental techniques, many soldiers with major facial injuries now have hope for such a new lease on life. Read More»

Important Oral Health Symptoms That Should Require A Dentist Visit

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When you have a toothache or visible problem with your teeth or gums, an emergency visit to the dentist is generally a priority. Other than routine visits and dental emergencies, there are some other times in which you should make an appointment right away. Some oral health symptoms may not be noticeable to you unless someone else points it out. Or you may have gotten used to the symptoms on a daily basis. Read More»